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Biggest cost savings for 2022

Today, in times of global economic crisis, thermal insulation in homes and saving heating costs are of great importance. Energy is becoming more and more valuable, and therefore more expensive. Even the smallest energy saving investment helps you save money in the long run. Therefore, do not burn your money and pay attention to the following three factors: narrow windows, intelligent heating solutions and a well-insulated building. "Deutsche-Energie-Agentur" GmbH has calculated that solving these three key problems helps to reduce energy consumption to a significant extent. Heating savings can reach a five-figure sum in ten to fifteen years! Just replacing old windows with new, attractive and thermally insulated models can drastically reduce your heating costs.

Windows make up a good third of the facade and they affect how much heat escapes to the outside and how much cold penetrates inside. Heat loss through old or new and poor quality windows in a family home can be as much as 40% of the total energy used for heating. In general, old or inadequate windows experience the greatest energy losses, which are four to ten times greater than new windows with thermal insulating glass. Basically, the growing demands that energy saving homes must meet can no longer be met by windows installed twenty years ago. Therefore, they promise the greatest potential for energy savings.

Can the capacity of energy saving windows be compared?

In any case, the thermal energy that escapes to the outside is defined by the so-called insulation value. It is very easy to remember: the lower this insulation value, the better the thermal insulation and the saved energy costs. Through this transferability calculation, you can determine which is the appropriate profile for making your windows.

Therefore, investments in renovating your existing house or in a new building with new, energy-efficient windows pay off in the first few years. At the same time, the investment pays off in the form of a better quality of life and growing property values. And the architects fulfill all the legal provisions. Developers can claim the benefits of current government subsidized programs. The state subsidizes investments with funds and loans on favorable terms – real incentives for the simultaneous reduction of CO2 emissions.

It is very important to have a professional window fitter install the new windows. Also, the design of the profile, the interface between the profile and the glazing and the type of glazing are of great importance. JANBOR-Company, as an authorized manufacturer, will try with all its knowledge and experience to professionally advise you which attractive, thermally insulated windows are the best fit for your building.

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